ANZAC Day 2023


April 25, 2023

We’d like to thank everyone for attending our ANZAC Day service this year.

A special thanks to everyone involved today;

Rob Gray, Neville Beeton, and Murray Bennett for the presentation
Rathmines Wangi Singers for their voices
Adamstown Army Cadets
Trumpeter Miles Carliev
…and everyone who had attended our service.

Murray Bennett recited the poem On This Hallowed Day by Stewart Elliott, a beautifully written sonnet encapsulating everyone’s feelings on this day.

Here we gather on this hallowed day
To pay our respects on ANZAC Day
Aussies and Kiwi’s we gather as one
And remember the fallen at the rising sun
Of those who paid the ultimate price
With stories of bravery and sacrifice
Of wars fought long ago we still wonder why
So many brave people needed to die
Today’s not about politics, anger, or debate
But reflection, two up and beers with your mates
To some we remind, it’s not a day off
It’s to commiserate and remember, your freedom had costs
Our nation’s identity was born on a beach overseas
At a small piece of land, they called Gallipoli
And tragedy happened and some say we lost
But our lads did their job, no matter the cost
Stories of those who lied and joined at fifteen
Chasing adventure and a boyhood dream
With no idea why, they wanted to settle the score
The enemies name irrelevant, there will always be more
The little girl wears the medals her grandad earned
And watches the soldiers who’ve recently returned
Too young to understand or ever ask why
Waves her flag and cheers as they proudly march by
The passage of time slowly welcomed the rest of the diggers
The great wars are no more but their memories linger
Korea, Vietnam and the ongoing Middle East
Will we ever find a way to just live in peace?
So we say our prayers and look to the skies
But for the grace of god, it could be you or I
And Lest we Forget those who currently serve
We give our thanks and respect, it’s what they deserve.

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